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Employment Law:
Discrimination or Harassment in the Workplace

Pivotal Law Group, located in Seattle, has the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle the tough issues surrounding claims of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. We represent both employees and employers in an effort to remedy and end discriminatory practices.

We represent employees who have been discriminated against or harassed in the workplace because of age, gender, race or national origin, disability, pregnancy, religion, or sexual orientation. We also handle sexual harassment cases and matters on behalf of individuals who speak out against or “blow-the-whistle” on their employers for discriminatory practices or fraud. Discriminatory practices can include, but are not limited to, harassment, bias in hiring, promotion, job assignment, compensation, and wrongful termination.

We also represent employers, providing them with pro-active counseling and guidance and investigating claims and allegations involving employee discrimination. We can help your company develop and establish discrimination and harassment prevention programs and policies, thus avoiding unnecessary conflict and litigation.

If you or your company have any questions regarding employment law and employment discrimination, please contact one of our employment discrimination attorneys.

Representative Cases:

  • A $776,000 judgment consisting of a plaintiff verdict of $365,000 plus a court application of 1.5 multiplier award for attorneys’ fees of $411,000 to a male Ethiopian Muslim case worker against Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.
  • A $180,000 settlement against the U. S. Postal Service on behalf on an African-American mail carrier whom an African-American post mistress singled out for derogatory treatment based on race.
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