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Covid-19 Update

Posted Friday, May 15, 2020 by Pivotal Law Group

Alternative Text King County and the city of Seattle announced a new public health directive Monday May 18th that strongly encourages everyone to cover their face with a cloth mask every time they go to the grocery store, ride the bus or enter any public building or social setting, such as a farmers market.

Also more locations are available for COVID-19 testing at no cost  throughout King County.

Safe Start Washington Governor Jay Inslee and the Washington State Department of Health, has established a data-driven approach to reopen Washington and modify physical distancing measures while minimizing the health impacts of COVID-19 starting on May 5th.

The Department of Health and local public health officials plan to monitor data to assess our state’s readiness for safely reopening and modifying physical distancing measures.n addition to a low and decreasing amount of cases, readiness must be achieved in four key areas to proceed from where we are now in the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order to further phases of the plan. The key areas include healthcare system readiness, testing capacity and availability, case and contact investigations, and ability to protect high-risk populations.

Throughout the month Washington has slowly started the process of reopening. But as the last day of the "stay-at-home" order gets closer, some counties still are not meeting the criteria needed to move to Phase 2, King county is currently still in phase 1.

The state’s stay-at-home order is currently set to run through May 31.

For more recent updates please go to; www.governor.wa.gov/news-media/