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Renters facing mold call Jesse for help -- Mike Larson weighs in

Posted Friday, April 1, 2016 by Michael A. Larson

MoldLast week, with great help from Alice Noman, I collaborated on a Jesse Jones piece on mold in rental units.

Real Estate Attorney Mike Larson said renters shouldn’t argue mold with landlords. Instead, talk about water intrusion. That’s something the law says landlords must repair.

“So really you are smarter if you’re a tenant to point out the problem in the landlord tenant act, the problem the landlord has a legal responsibility to take care of so the landlord takes care of something,” explained Larson.

Also make sure to put your repair request in writing. Larson said landlords then have 72-hours to make repairs.

“You can’t just merely call your landlord, have you landlord come by when you see him walk by your place you need to start the process by giving your landlord a written notice,” said Larson.

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